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   Step 3 - Prepare your Property

The North Woods Group knows what it takes to make a property look its best. Before your home is even on the market, we will do a complete room by room walk-through of your property. Special inside tips will make your home its most marketable, with the reward coming in the form of a better sales price. The goal to strive for when preparing your property to be listed is to make every potential buyer feel like a welcomed guest. We work closely with you to determine how best to "de-personalize" your home so that potential buyers can more easily picture their belongings and their families in the property.We will help to identify the areas that need to be modified. This includes repairing known items that need fixing, staging your home to be its most attractive, and creating curb appeal.

Minimize your time and money by tackling only the necessary projects.
When preparing your home to sell, it may feel like every room could use a face-lift, but you don't want to spend that much extra money and time - and you don't need to. Now is the rime to tackle those smaller projects that will increase your home's selling potential. The "little" things mean a lot... repainting, fixing a creaky door, even cleaning out a cluttered closet or garage - these are all relatively easy tasks to do, and they will make a huge impact on potential buyer's first impressions.

Make your home spotless, and keep it that way.
Before you begin showing your home, you'll want to do a complete clean, from top to bottom. The fairly inexpensive costs of professionally cleaning your carpets, fully dusting your home, removing all clutter from rooms, thoroughly cleaning windows, even replacing old screens will all be rewarded with a larger pay off when your home does sell. Keep all counters as free of items as possible and repair faucets and caulking around sinks, tubs and showers. Make your kitchen and baths sparkle. A clean home does sell and can be a good assurance that it has been a well-maintained house, and will be a worthwhile purchase.

A little bit of landscaping can go a long way.
Could your flowers out front use a little sprucing up? Are your trees and shrubs overgrown or in need of some pruning? This is the time to do it. Get rid of old pine needles and leaves, and replace the dead plants and weeds with colorful flowering varieties. Potted plants on the front step add color to your home's facade. Even without a green thumb, a little effort goes a long way in increasing your home's curb appeal.

Test drive your home.
When was the last time you checked that all of the outlets work? Are there any burned out light bulbs? Do your plumbing and heating systems work properly? Are all of your appliances in good working order? Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer and look to see that everything that should work, does.

Stage your home to create the most space.
Aside from simply removing clutter from small spaces, look to your bigger rooms to see that they couldn't appear even larger. Could a fresh coat of lighter paint help to make your rooms appear larger? Could rearranging your furniture open up the room? Storing unnecessary items and furniture during the showing process of your home will end up adding not just space to your home, but also potential dollars to your sold price.

Turn your home into a model home.
To truly achieve that crisp, clean look, try to look at your home as a model home. This means that your home should be a clean palette, making it as easy as possible for potential buyers to see themselves in it. Sometimes this may mean that your favorite personal touches will have to be put away, but remember that in the long run, this can help you to sell your home not only sooner, but also for a potentially higher price.

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